3 Things I’ve Learned After Making $50 Through Notion Templates

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I wish someone had told me about this when I first started selling Notion templates.

As with all things, your mileage might vary. For some people, paid sales can come on the first day itself. For others, it might take a few weeks or sometimes a month.

It took me two weeks to see my first $1.

But one thing is for sure when it comes to selling anything online, your experience will be different than others.

If you have a good product, the sales will come.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the three things I have learned while making my first $50 online by selling Notion Templates.

Building a Product that Solves a Problem

It all starts with building a product that solves a specific problem. If your product isn’t solving a problem, it’s not doing anything.

If your product isn’t doing anything for the user, why would anyone buy it?

It makes little logical sense.

But when your product does solve a problem, and a potential buyer lands on your landing page, there’s no reason they won’t convert.

Try to Give as much Value as is Possible

This sentiment is true for both before launching the product and after launching the product processes.

Credit: Unsplash.

Try to give as much value as possible before you launch your first paid product by launching a free product beforehand and then launching the paid product to your audience.

(If you do not have an audience already, promote your free template in all the possible internet spaces where you think your audience hangs out.)

I guess this is where I went wrong because I first launched a paid product, and afterwards, I tried to give it away for free.

When I made the paid product free on my Gumroad store, I promoted it, and several people downloaded it because they saw the value in it and were happy with the problem it was solving.

When I tried to make that same product a paid product again on my store, I saw zero sales because people were hoping I would give it away for free again.

After all, I already did that once.

Just because of this reason, my progress lagged for months.

Even after launching the product, you must focus on making content that delivers value so people keep checking out your products. This crucial content creation after your product launch is needed because your audience will think you’re again providing the same amount of value through your paid products.

Some people sell products because of their engaging content on Medium, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.

Don’t give Paid Products Away for FREE

When you give one of your paid products for free, people expect you to turn all your paid products on the store to free so they can access them.

They will wait in the hopes of it being free someday (at least some percentage of your audience will wait for that), and they will only get them when you hold giveaways.

It makes little sense, but you will get insane people DMing you to turn your paid product free because they cannot download it. Or that they missed the giveaway deadline, and now the platform is making them pay for it, and be bossy that they will leave bad reviews if you don’t give away your products for free.

So what will you do?

Feel pressured to turn your premium products free?

Avoid this mess from the start by making two versions of the same Notion template.

Make the simpler version available for everyone to download, and when it comes to the premium one, you need to add more functionality and value.

That’s all you have to do.

Conclusion & Breakdown

Have a plan from the start.

Make two versions of your premium template.

The basic version of the template needs to be free.

Make products that solve a problem for the customer.

Try to deliver as much value as you can through your Notion templates.

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