You DON’T need to work for 12 hours if you can get your work done in 4

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There is something I have been coming to terms with lately in my life.

I’ve learned that the quality of hours worked > than the quantity of hours worked, and it has led me to an epiphany.

It doesn’t matter if you wake up at the crack of dawn or work for 12 hours straight if it means you won’t engage in deep work.

Practising deep work is a way to be productive rather than an end to a means to achieve productivity by putting in several hours of work regardless of what you get done.

Those few hours of deep work count if you create, get things done, and work smarter.

Getting things done is better than perfection.

You might think everything needs to be perfect, but it does not.

Showing up for yourself matters way more in the long term. Even if your work is not perfect, if you still put it out in the world, your effort counts because you put work into it.

People will see that you’re putting your effort into realising something, and sometimes, the world is far more forgiving when it comes to showing up every day than we’d like to think.

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So, choose what you want to work on and show up consistently.

Choose your work hours wisely.

If you love to stay up all night so you can work uninterrupted, choose that life.

If you are more in tune with the crack of dawn, get up early and work at the hours when deep work is easy to attain.

The truth is simple.

You have to work at those hours that work for you rather than getting caught up with what the latest productivity guru is preaching on X or Linkedin.

Don’t read about the highlights of someone else’s life while putting in all this effort to make your life live up to theirs.

Their highlights are just a snapshot of the best part of their lives.

Your ordinary life needs to be yours, and you are free to do whatever you want to do with it.

Sometimes, it’s crucial to be yourself in the way you work.

Your authenticity shows up in your work when you’re not trying hard to be someone else.

It’s wise to work smarter, not harder.

Why would you waste 12 hours being distracted when you can get the same things done in 4 hours with deep work and no distractions?

I think the answer is straightforward.

You have to choose your own methods of madness and deduce how you get things done. And if you find something you don’t like, you change it to suit your needs.

You be you and get that work done.

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