Don’t compare yourself to others

Be yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
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Unless you DON’T want to live your own life. Don’t waste your life.

Comparison steals the joy of living life on your terms. Stop comparing yourself unless you want to live for other people’s opinions. It might do more harm than you’d think.

I’m going to be honest about this. When you are busy scrolling for hours on multiple social media platforms, where there’s a constant highlight reel of people living their best lives, it can make you lose your sense of reality.

You look at these unknown people and ask yourself questions. It might sound like, “Why am I not growing as quickly as XYZ is growing on this platform?”

And: “I’m doing everything they are doing, so why am I not seeing any results?”

And: “Why am I doing all the wrong things in life?”

And: “Why am I not as happy as the people in these flawless pictures are?”

And: “Why am I so behind on my goals?”

And many more.

The problem is you aren’t doing anything wrong.

You are on a journey of growth, reflection, and learning.

And you will make mistakes in this self-growth journey of yours.

Sometimes, luck is on your side, and sometimes luck is not.

Hard work paves the road to bring more luck into your life.

Comparing yourself to others without knowing their whole life story is like doing yourself a key disservice.

It might be that these people have accomplished more than you have in a short period, but they could be more experienced than you are in that industry.

But it could also be that they might’ve been longer on their self-growth journey than you could comprehend.

They might’ve had help from other people to achieve the results you so badly want. And they might also have had the resources you don’t have, and you can’t judge them for having that advantage at their disposal.

They might have worked hard to have that advantage, or they might have not.

Sometimes, life is unfair.

You will have to accept this crucial fact. Sometimes, you will work harder than others you know to achieve the same x amount of things.

That’s just the way sometimes things go.

There are so many other things that come into play that could lead someone to have the kind of success they are experiencing today.

My point is: Stop comparing. Stop self-berating. Stop this constant ideation of ‘Of course. This person is so much better than me.’

It’s not you vs them.

It’s you vs the past you.

Just follow this mindset and see how easily and beautifully your life will change.

When you focus your energy on yourself and your self-growth journey and try to be better than you were yesterday, your perspective shifts in a positive direction. The whole ball game changes.

You might not just be happy, but you’ll also be more content as an end result.

Sometimes that’s all that matters. 

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