Rejection is Positive Redirection

how to deal with rejection
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If you’re being rejected, then you’re being redirected to something much better suited for you.

There have been many times in life that I faced rejection pursuing some roads, and the doors were closed in front of my face, and then after processing all the pain and resentment, I have realised what has happened has happened for the better. If I didn’t face rejection pursuing those things, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the amount of anxiety and stress my choices were to put on me. I have always come on the other side with a more well-balanced head on my shoulders and a renewed motivation to turn things around.

So, do yourself a favour. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. Be at ease. Things are turning around for you right at this moment.

There was a time when I wanted to get into this law university, and the competition was cut-throat, and around 1200 people sat for a single seat to get into one of the best colleges in that university. That was the competitive ratio to get a seat at that prestigious college, so I worked really hard to get in. I wanted to attend the university because I dreamed of making something of myself. After all was said and done, I was two marks short of acquiring a seat, and it really weighed down on my mind. It started a time in my life for my long-held-back depression to come to the forefront, and somehow I didn’t know how to deal with any of the things that were suddenly happening to me. I was lost, confused, and discouraged from not just applying to that university again, but from applying to any sort of law university in the future. Something inside me felt repulsed by the outcome of my two years of hard work and long months of sleepless nights.

Every time my family encouraged me to sit on another exam for a different law university, I was screaming inside, but on the outside, I held it together for them. It gave me some earnest trauma, and I started to get heart palpitations and panic attacks often. My body would twitch from anxiety, and I didn’t know how to stop feeling like that because I couldn’t figure out how to stop myself from getting them in the first place. I also wasn’t sure if I was forced to go beyond my tipping point when everything else told me that was the case. For me, it was a difficult moment to accept the harsh truth since I had already worked hard for years without seeing any positive results.

All the motivating quotes I have put on the walls of my study room started to sound like poppycock. I came to the realisation that the things I read to encourage and comfort myself all this time were a shitload of baloney. You don’t climb a mountain to fall on your face from the summit. Then why was I being punished like this? As if my fate wanted vengeance for picking up something that my heart couldn’t fully desire because it was one of those things that I thought would suit me, but would it make me happy? I didn’t have all the answers back then.

For the longest time, I have worried that if I was making the right choices. It’s fine. Not every choice I make will be the right choice. That’s called being human. Humans make mistakes. By making those mistakes, we learn so much about life. And worrying about making those mistakes is like worrying about the sun coming out early tomorrow morning.

And the right choices? No one can ever know if the things they choose at this second are right or wrong. The decisions you are making right now are perhaps the right choices for you at this point and phase in life. Through your pickings today, you will make your destiny tomorrow. You will learn so much through your decisions and grow so much too. The point I’m trying to communicate here is that it is a waste of time to worry about if, what, when, and where when it comes to your choices or what you’re supposed to do in life.

What you’re doing right now is what you’re supposed to do, and everything will be okay. So let it all go and smile. Release everything. Don’t overthink. If you didn’t get what you want, don’t lose hope. It’s all right. Maybe something better is on the horizon for you.

You’re not being rejected but redirected to what you were supposed to do before what you call life distracted you from doing them.

You’re being redirected to something better than you ever thought was possible. And it will be the right fit for you. Everything works out in the end. It will work out for you too.

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